Warranty Protection

Protect your investment for the long haul! With industry leading warranties and having partnered with all major North American warranty companies, we assure you that you'll receive the highest level of support and claims assistance throughout your warranty period.
We stand behind our trucks and for us to offer our clients the industry's best, most comprehensive warranty packages - nothing can match the assurance and peace of mind our customers receive out on the road.
Choose from coverage options such as engine, transmission, differential, turbo packages, injectors and DEF/DPF!
Gold Package:
90 Days / unlimited km
6 Months / 80,000 km
Platinum Package:
1 Year / 201,168 km
2 Year / 402,336 km
3 Year / 2,011,680 km
4 Year / 2,011,680 km
Towing Benefits: Towing benefits are offered alongside extended warranty packages. Ask us for further details.
Paccar MX Engine
A warranty program specifically designed for Paccar MX engines! Engine, transmission, differential and APU covered components alongside DPF, EGR, SCR, DOC, DEF Tank, Doser Injectors and more! Let us integrate this option into your next Kenworth or Peterbilt purchase and experience peace of mind unlike never before.